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I need everyone’s help. Please retweet, use the hasttags #atauideng #findataui in your tweets and grams. Please upload photos of her. And call the NYPD and Trump models with any information you have. Any conversations you’ve had recently with her. ATAUI is more than my muse. She is my little sister. I love her so much. Believe me when I say I will not recover if this star is not found. My heart will fail. Please help find my Two-Way. Thank you.

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"It doesn’t work like that. Two people can’t have a connection like that and nothing happen. It can’t work like that."

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"I try to spew my thoughts for ten minutes everyday."

i need to do this

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Dolce & Gabbana S/S 1998


This post always slaps me in the face

this is my favorite post on this website